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Put a Facebook Like Button in Your Emails

When you put a like button in an email, that button has to be a link to a separate page. A like button on a webpage uses javascript or iframes, which are both prohibited by most email clients.

You basically have three options. The link can go to:

  • The Facebook page for your product or site.
  • The Facebook like button on a page by itself.
  • A custom page that prompts the user to like your product.

In each case, the user will have to make two clicks in order to like your page.

Don't make the user click three times!

Your user will be presented with a blank box if he hasn't enabled images. You want him to see this:

but if you use an ordinary image, chances are that he'll see this:

You don't want to introduce another obstacle in the path of a user who wants to like your page. Use our image conversion tool to convert the image to html. Email clients can't distinguish between an html image and regular html markup, so your image won't be blocked. Html images automatically display — the user never has to enable them!

We've already converted the Facebook like button, which gives us the following HTML code:

and, as you can see, looks exactly like Facebook's like button:

If you want to convert your own images, click below to create an account:

Creating the link

If you want to link to a like button, then change the code below to replace "" with your own Facebook page.

If you want to link to your Facebook page or a page of your own design, then replace the entire link with your Facebook page or the link to the page you created.

You'll get: