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Img to CSS lets you bypass image filters. This means that when you email an image converted with Img to CSS, it will not be blocked by the email client.

Here are a few things that make Img to CSS great:

  • Transparent PNGs can retain their transparency
  • Converts all main image types
  • Images won't be blocked by email providers
  • The CSS is in-line, so it won't be stripped in emails

Img to CSS also gives you the following tools:

  • An API that lets you integrate Img to CSS with your own apps.
  • The option to specify a custom background color. Use this when you convert images that have transparency, also called an alpha channel.
  • An intelligent compression algorithm that makes the html/css image as small as possible.
  • Displays perfectly in all popular email clients. See screenshots.

Read the FAQ for more information.

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