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Mentions and Reviews of Img to CSS

Here are some of the mentions and reviews of Img to CSS that we spotted out on the web. If you know of one that we missed, send an email to daniel@imgtocss.

Flattering quote from The Next Web:

A quick Google search will pull up a number of Image to CSS conversion tools but we’ve come across none as impressive as Img to CSS.

I’ve personally tried the tool out on a number of complex images and each has resulted in near flawless pure HTML versions of each.

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A concise summary from Lifehacker:

New website allows you to bypass image filters by converting your graphics into CSS code.

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From the Make Use Of directory:

In a variety of situations, developers need to CSS-ize their image files and use these CSS versions on websites rather than the actual image files. If you are such a developer looking for a tool to CSS-ize images, you should pay a visit to ImgToCSS.

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For our Spanish speaking users, a quote from Korben:

Si vous pratiquez l’envoi de newsletters dans lesquelles vous avez mis des images, vous avez peut être remarqué que la plupart des webmails et clients mails bloquaient les images. Gmail, Yahoo!, Hotmail, c’est toujours à vous d’autoriser l’affichage des images dans les emails.

Et pourtant il existe un moyen de les afficher quand même malgré ce blocage. Il suffit de les convertir en CSS… Oui, convertir une simple image en CSS (et tableau HTML) c’est possible et vraiment bluffant… Seul inconvénient, le poids du HTML généré qui sera forcement plus gros que l’image d’origine. A utiliser donc sur des petites images.

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